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Contoh naskah skenario bahasa inggris conversation 13 orang


Our Cast :

Mudah-mudahan membantu tugas kalian.
Ide cerita by Dolio MTK
Pembantu penerjemah by Linda H.
Penulis, penerjemah dan editing by Dr. Utami as known as HTS or Hxxnim18

Belum semua di edit karena terkendala waktu saat itu, harap di baca dan di revisi sendiri ya 

Time to sleep
One day, in a famous  senior high school in Massachusetts, Massachusetts International High School. There is a boy, he’s a nerd and he always get ignorant with a famous girls squad in Massachusetts International High School, because that squad is mad with that nerd. People called him as Dexter.
Jacqueline        : Hey, Look! Dexter is coming…
Squad             : Okay, lets go!
Dexter             : Its time for basketball...
Squad               : Hahaha
Jacqueline        : How is it? Hah? to be a loser?
Audrey              : You are so weak!
Ashley              : You are so troublesome!
Rachel              : Enough, enough!! I’m afraid Dexter will crying…
Lena                 : Hahaha, enough! We have to leave this loser, I’m busy (Hit Dexter’s leg)

Finally, they are leave Dexter alone, and laugh because what happen on Dexter. But, Dex feels so loser on that happen because Dex is being an loser and everyone look Dex so pity.
Bel is ringing
Miss. Lily            : Good afternoon, student
Students            : Good afternoon miss.
Miss. Lily            : Dex, I’m asking you to clean the blackboard, please…
Dexter               : Yes, maam
Lena                  :  Squad, come on lets make dex’s seat is weat. Where’s the water?
Jacqueline         :  Take easy, dude.
Squad               : Hahaha
Miss. Lily            : Audrey, Please write answer no. 1, please
Audrey              : Yes, Miss
Miss. Lily            : And Dexter, Uhm,... Please write answer no. 2
Dexter               : Yes, Maam
Rachel             : Look, guys! Dexter’s pants is weat.
Ashley             : Yhaa, Dexter’s wet.
Students           : Hahaha
Miss. Lily           : Stop it, don’t be noisy.

Dexter were so mad with that squad, and he will reverenge them.
Bel is ringing...
Miss. Lily          : Enough for today. I hope tomorrow it will not happen again.
Students         : Okay, Miss.
Miss. Lily          : Good afternoon, student.
Student                       : Good afternoon, miss.

After Miss. Lily out from the class. Dexter go home early, because he’s sp scare that squad will ignorant as always.
Jacqueline        : Look, guys! I think Dexter is scare of us
Rachel             : Why he must be scare of us?
Lena                : I don’t know, we always ignorant with Dex. So, Dex always try to far away from us.
Ashley              : It’s okay, just let him go for today.
Audrey            : Hahaha, Loooser!

Girl squad was statisfied with laughed, they have a plan. A plan to traped Dexter.
The day after tmorrow, School.
Lena                  : Hi, Jac!
Jacqueline        : Hi, Lena!
Lena                  : Where’s the others?
Rachel               : Sorry, guys! I was buy an aqua from canteen.
Jacqueline        : Where is Audrey and Ashley? Where are they go?
Rachel               : They are buy detergent for trapped Dexter.
Jacqueline        : Oh...
Lena                  : How about bucket and mop?
Rachel               : Wait a minute ( take bucket and mop)
Ashley               : Hey, guys! Sorry we’re late.
Rachel               : You are too late! Where’s the detergent?
Audrey              : Here.

They are prepare for the trap for Dexter, they put some detergent on the floor and pur the water to trap Dex, But...
Lena               : Dexter is coming!
Miss. Lily        : Dexter?
Dexter            : Yes, maam?
Miss. Lily        : Please help me to take some notebook to the class.
Dexter            : Yes, maam.
Miss. Lily        : Okay, Thank you Dexter. I will go first.

Unfortunately, Miss. Lily wanted to walk to office. But, she fall and she got on the trap. That squad made Miss. Lily slip and fallin down.
Miss. Lily          : Arghhh...
Dexte              : Miss. Lily!! Miss? Miss. Lily? Miss!!
Jacqueline       : Run, guys! We have to run away!
Dexter             : Hei, bad squad! Don’t run on your mistake! Miss! Help! Somebody Help!

At the time, because that accident, Miss. Lily passed away cause bleed on her head. Dexter try to intend to tell everyone that Miss. Lily die because of squad, not him. But, there is noone try to believe that, because Dex is one and only in that place. The squad exploit Tyra-Dexter’s crush to trapped him.
Jacqueline        : Tyra, if you don’t want to do it i will remove you from this squad! I warning you, Tyra! You can’t be part of us anymore.
Tyra                  : No, please, No!
Rachel             : If you still wants to be a part of us, just calling him right now!
Tyra                 : But, it is too much! I like him!
Lena                 : You want us to remove you, hah? How about it? We will give you a payment if you want to join us to trap us!
Tyra                 : Okay, Fine! I will calling him!

Tyra calling Dexter.
Dexter              : Hi, Tyra!
Tyra                  : Hi, Dex!
Dexter             : why you calling me? What’s up?
Tyra                  : Can we meet?
Dexter             : Where the place?
Tyra                  : Sport Building near of our school.  You know it, right?
Dexter              : Do you have a problem?
Tyra                 : No, i want to talk something with you.
Dexter             : Okay, i will go now. Bye.

And then, Dexter go to Sport Building near of his school. But, when he arrive that place...
Dexter             : Hallo, Tyra? Where are you now?
Tyra                 : Just come in, Dex. I’m in this building.
Dexter             : Oh, hi, Tyra!
Tyra                 : Hi, Dex!
Dexter             : Hi, what’s up?

But, suddenly Rachel hit Dexter’s shoulder with a bar of wood. And Dexter fall and he got fainted. The day is over, Dexter wake up and he got lock on the chair. Squad stand to surround of him.
Dexter             : What is this? Omg!
Rachel             : Hahaha... You are so stupid to believe her!
Dexter             : Just telling me, what do you want?
Audrey            : We just want to make you sleep, stupid!
Ashley             : For forever!
Lena                : We don’t want to be arrest!
Jacqueline       : Yes, she right! You telling everyone that we are the reason why Miss. Lily is death! We are smart because noone trust you. But someday, Police will come and take us to jail. Is that what you want, Hah?
Dexter             : Tyra, what is this?
Tyra                 : I’m sorry, Dex.
Audrey             : We forced her.
Ashley              : To trapped you here!
Rachel             : and she got payment of us!
Jacqueline        : Okay, we have to finished you!
Squad               : It’s time to sleep, Dexter.
Dexter              : No, please! No! Arrghh!
Squad               : Hahaha

After several minutes later, the electric was stop. And that mean, Dexter is die. Die because of them.
Jacqueline       : Okay, guys! Lets get out from here!
Rachel              : Burn this place! Burn!

After thet killed Dexter, They burn that place to fade the footstep, but when the place is being burned, He is not die. Dexter succesful to divest himself from that chair and runaway from that building.
After the building is on fire. The day after tomorrow, Dexter is to be announced that he is dying becaus on fire.
He’s corpse is presepposittion be lost in that building. But, Police found Dexter necklace is in the building. That necklace is prove the truth is, Dex is death.
After 5 years ago.
Jacqueline       : Hi, guys! How are you?
Squad             : We are fine.
Rachel             : How about you. Jac?
Jacqueline       : I’m fine too.
Lena                 : Wait a sec. There is no Tyra in here. Is she not coming today?
Audrey            : No, she will come.
Ashley             : Guys, Look! Tyra is coming!
Tyra                 : Sorry, guys! I’m late.
Jacqueline       : No, it’s okay, Tyra.

They are talking about anything. About they life, boyfriend and about their SHS time five years ago. They are always study and play together in Massachusetts International High School. And, Suddenly, They talked about Dexter.
Jacqueline       : Guys, Do you remember with Dexter?
Squad             : Yeah! Of course.
Rachel             : Why you talking about him?
Jacqueline       : Nothing. I’m just thinking you are all forget about him!
Lena                : Impossible if we are forget about him, Jac!
Audrey            : Yeah, he’s so pitty.
Ashley             : He’s die because of us.
Tyra                 : Ofcourse! Without me Dexter must be alive, right! You can kill him because of me!
Jacqueline        : Yeah, what ever.

After a long time, they are leaving the caffee.
Jacqueline       : Guys, we have to make a reunion next time!
Rachel             : Okay, don’t worry.
Lena                : Okay, i will come if i have time.
Ashley             : Let’s home!

When Tyra walk to going home, Tyra is following by Un-sub or unknown subject. She runs and she locked her home.
Tyra                 : Omg! Who’s that?
Suddenly, there is some noise from the door. Tyra so scared and she run to take a gun from the table.
Tyra                 : Why it’s open? I’m sure i locked it!

Tyra look her back and that Unsub is hit her and make Tyra is fainted.
Tyra wake up after one hour.
Tyra                 : Who are you? What do you want from me?
Unsub              : i want your soul
Tyra                 : What? If you need a money, just take from my bedroom and let me alone!
Unsub              : No, i don’t need your money. I just want your soul, Tyra.
Tyra                 : Please tell me! Who are you, hah?
Unsub              : Do you remeber me?
Tyra                 : Who are you?
That unsub wear Tyra with an electric helmet.
Tyra                 : What are doing to me?
Unsub             : Time to sleep, Tyra (His opened his mask)
Tyra                 : That’s you! Arrgh!!
Unsub              : Goodbye, Tyra!

After Dexter statisfied with his job, dex as soon as burn Tyra’s house.
Next day, News reporter, friends, collega and police come to Tyra’s house.
Shaf                 : Why its happen? Who is doing this to that kid?
Leonardo        : That must be a killer, Cap!
Shaf                 : I know, i know! But, who is he?
Sam                 : That’s my job to find the killer, Cap.
Shaf                 : Aargh! Stupid! Please call Mr. Max, right now!
Sam                 : Yes, maam.
Max                 : Hallo?
Sam                 : Sir, are you busy for now?
Max                 : I think no. What is the problem?
Sam                 : I have a task, Sir. A sadism criminal murder.
Max                 : where is the location?
Sam                 : In Massachusetts Housing no. 18
Max                 : Okay, i’lle be right there.
Mr. Max as soon as possible on the way to that location. But, when Max arrive in that place he as soon to research that task.
Max                 : Where the place the victims found?
Sam                 : Right here, Sir!
Max                 : Good morning, Cap! Can i check the place?
Sham               : Yes, sir.
Max research that accident.
Leonardo        : Did you found something, Sir?
Shaf                 : Take easy, dude. He will.
Max                 : He’s so smart. The killer kill the victim with an electirc helmet and he’s burn victims house.
Leonardo        : So scary, isn’t it?
Shaf                 : Shut up! So, will you help us, Sir?
Max                 : Don’t worry. I’ll help you!
Shaf                 : Thank you, Sir!
After a while Max on the way to his home.
Jacqueline       : Who’s do this to our Friend?
Rachel             : I still don’t know.
Lena                : How poor she is.
Audrey            : But, wait. Did Tyra have an enemy or something?
Ashley             : I don’t know.
Rachel             : Tyra is good girl. I think impossible if she has an enemy.

After they comes to that place, Girls squad go back early to their home with retless and fear.
At the night.
Rachel             : Mum, i want to out for a while. I want to buy something nice.
Miss. Emilly     : Yes, don’t take too long time.
Rachel             : Yes, mum.

When Rachel wanted to go to Minimarket to buy something nice to eat. Someone following her, Rachel choose to hurry up to back to her home.
When Rachel on her way, she’s got a problem with her car.
Rachel             : Oh, God! What’s wrong with my car? Omg!

And Rachel see someone behind her back.
Rachel             : Who’s there? I have to call my mum.
Miss. Emilly     : Hallo, Rachel? What’s wrong?
Rachel             : Help me, mum! Please!
Miss. Emilly     : What happen? Tell me.
Rachel             : Please, help me! Aaarghhh! Go away from me!
Miss. Emilly     : What? Rachel, what’s happen? Tutt— tuttt— tuttt—

And then, Miss. Emilly calling the nearest police.
Police              : 911 in here, May i help you?
Miss. Emilly     : My daughter got kidnapped, please help me.
Police              : Can you tell me where the place of the incident?
Miss. Emilly     : In St. Monica broadway near of minimarket. She’s using a sport car with police number 4025
Police              : Allright, Miss. I want you to keep calm, i’ll be right there on thirty.

After Miss. Emilly calling the police, Sir Leonardo and Sir Sam come to the location, when Police on their way, Rachel had been kidnapp in empty building.
Rachel             : Let me go! Help! Help! Help!
Unsub             : ....
Rachel             : What do you want from me?
Unsub             : I want your life.
Rachel             : What? Eh? What do you mean?
Unsub             : I want your life, just your life.
Rachel             : Who are you?
The guy put an electric helmet on her head, and then,
Rachel             : What are you doing?
Unsub             : Time to sleep, Rachel. (The guy opened his mask)
Rachel             : You? Arrrghh!
Unsub             : Hahaha, Goodbye, Rachel.

     After that guy kill her he burn the place
Next day
Shaf                  : How was it? Any progress.
Sam                  : Same like yesterday, Cap!
Shaf                  : This is weird, call Mr. Max!
Sam                 : Allright, Cap!
Max                 : Yes, Hello?
Sam                 : Are you busy, Sir?
Max                 : No, i just investigating the murder yesterday. Why?
Sam                 : I have a task, Sir. A murder. Same like yesterday.
Max                 : Where is the location?
Sam                 : In St. Maria street in Boston.
Max                 : Okay, i’ll be there. ASAP.

While Max arrived
Sam                 : Good morning, Sir
Max                  : Good morning, where is the place?
Sam                 : Here,Sir!
Shaf                 : Good morning sir
Max                 : Morning! Omg. (while looking the Victims)
Shaf                 : This is happened in the midnight so no one know about it
Sam                  : Oh, Cap!  Yesterday we got report about kidnapping near here
Shaf                 : Kidnapping?
Leonardo        : Yes, Cap! the victims kidnapped in the car
Shaf                 : let's go to check it
Leonardo        : let's go ( while go to the place) here is the place where she got kidnapped, car and accessories is in the car
Max                 : I'm sure the Victim  that killed in St. Maria street is the same person
Shaf                 : who report this kidnapping case?
Sam                 : An old lady, maybe she's mother of one Victim.
Shaf                 : Call her ask her where she live, we will go there as soon as possible
Sam                 : Okey
Shaf                 : Both of you don't need to accompany me, understand?
Sam&Leonardo: understand
Shaf                   : good, do it now
Sam&Leonardo: Yes, Cap!
Max                 : is this Ms. Emily's house?
Miss. Emilly     : yes it is
Shaf                 : can we talk for awhile Ms. Emilly ?
Miss. Emilly     : yes, come in
Shaf                 : we had a bad news
Miss. Emilly     : what is that?
Shaf                 : Your daughter killed in a empty building near St. Maria street.
Miss. Emilly     : who did that?
Max                 : we don't know, we still investigation
Miss. Emilly     : omg
Max                 : did Rachel has a enemy?
Miss. Emilly     : i don't know sir, what i know is she is a good girl
Max                 : oh ok
Miss. Emilly     : wait, maybe you can ask her best friend
Max                 : ok ms. Thank you for the information
Shaf                 : Rachel's body will got autopsy in karya Boston international hospital.
Miss. Emilly     : ok, thank you
Shaf                 : Excuse us, Miss.

   Dexter killing mrs emily then burn her house with gasoline and go from her house to killing Lena, by chance Lena is with her Audrey and Ashley so Dexter can kill them in the same time
Audrey            : is there any good movie?
Ashley             : all of this is korean movie
Lena                : there is a thriller movie
Audrey            : that's better than korean movie
Lena                : wait i will taking it
 where is that? (while looking behind)
Dexter             : surprise
Audrey            : Lena? Where is she?
Ashley             : let's check her
Audrey            : Lena ? Where are you?
Ashley             : Lena, wake up
Audrey            : what happened with her?
Dexter.              : hey

Dexter make them fainted
Ashley             : aw what is this?
Audrey            : let us go, Lena wake up!
Lena                : aw what is this? Who are you?
Dexter             : hmmm
Ashley             : what do you want from us?
Dexter             : your life, you don't remember me?
Audrey            : who are you?

Dexter look back and opened his mask
Lena                : you?!
Ashley             : Dexter?
Audrey            : you still alive?
Dexter             : why? Are you guys shocked that i still alive?
Lena                : what do you want?.
Audrey            : please forgive us
Dexter             : hahaha back then you guys laughing at me and make fun at me now its time to 
Lena                : let us go
Dexter             : time to sleep all

  After he killing them he burn them with gasoline and get out from there
Next morning
Shaf                 : omg
Sam                 : three victims in the same time
Shaf                 : Call mr. Max
Sam                 : ok
Max                 : hello, what happened?
Sam                 : there's killed
Max                 : what? Where is the location?
Sam                 : in Boston housing, Sir.
Max                 : ok, i will go there
Sam                 : Good morning, Sir.
Max                 : Morning, Sam. Where the place is?
Leonardo        : Right here, Sir.
Max                 : Omg, what happen in here? Where’s your Cap? Where is Miss. Shaf?
Leonardo         : Sorry, Sir. Miss. Shaf on the way to Miss. Emilly’s house.
Max                 : Please call her now!
Sam                 : Wait a sec, sir (Give a cellphone) Here, Sir.
Max                 : Give it to me! Cap?
Shaf                 : Oh my god.
Max                 : What happen, Cap?
Shaf                 : Please come here, ASAP!
Max                 : Yes, Cap. I’ll come in a half hour.
Sam&Leonardo : Let’s go!
Until the come into Miss. Emilly house.
Shaf                 : Look, Max.
Max                 : Omg! Miss. Emilly had been killed?
Shaf                 : I don’t know. But, this murder is happen in midnight.
Max                 : In a night, The Killer had been kill four people.
Leonardo        :  This is so sadist.
Sam                 : Yes, that’s right!
Max                 : Do you handle a her bestfriend’s list?
Shaf                 : Yes, here it is.
Max                 : Okay, I’ll call you later.
When Max try to research about this murder, Dexter ready for killing Jac, because Jac is one and only girl in that squad.
At night, Max calls Cap. Shaf.
Max                 : Hallo, Cap!
Shaf                 : Yes, max. What’s the matter?
Max                 : Can we meet right now? It’s so important to disscus about it.
Shaf                 : Okay, did you found something?
Max                 : Yes, i did it! I’ve got the answer about this murder.
Shaf                 : Really? We have to talk right now!
Max                 : Okay, in front of Hans hospital in Taman Raya . But, please don’t take your idiot member.
Shaf                 : Yes, Sir!
Until a few minutes.
Shaf                 : Good afternoon, Sir.
Max                 : Good afternoon, Cap. Please take a look about this, i’ve got the answer about it all. So, Victims about this murder is members of Girls squad.
Shaf                 : Girls squad?
Leonardo        : Oh, the famous girls squad in SHS 4 South Tambun, Sir?
Max                 : Wait a minutes, why are you here?
Sam                 : Sorry, Sir. We’re following our Cap.  It’s doesn’t matter for now, but, what is the answer?
Max                 : There is six members of girls squad. But, five of them is killed of this murder. And one left.
Sam                 : Who is she?
Max                 : Jacqueline. She’s the only one.
Shaf                 : So, tonight Jacqueline will...
Max                 : Exactly! She will die for tonight!
Leonardo        : So, lets go to there!
When Mr. Mac and police on the way to Jac’s home, Dexter’s stand by in front of Jac’s home.
Bel is ringing.
Jac                   : Who are you?
Bel is ringing.
Jac                   : Wait a second. What’s up?
Dexter             : Surprise!
Jac                   : Aarghh! (Runaways)
Dexter             : Where are you, Jacqueline? You must be missing me, right? Let’s play our game, sweetheart.
Jac                   : Hufft...
Dexter             : I got you! Hahaha
Jacqueline       : No! Please go away from me! Let me alone!

When Dexter try to make Jac fainted, he’s prepare to kill her.
Max                 : We’re here.
Shaf                 : Jac? Jacqueline? Are you in there?
Max                 : Just make broken this door!
Sam&Leonardo  : Let’s go!
Shaf                 : Faster! We have to find Jac!
Jacqueline       : What do you want from me, hah?
Dexter             : Your soul, soul of you guys, all of you.
Jacqueline       : No, please no.
Dexter             : No, never. Do you remember me?
Jacqueline       : Dexter? So, my friends you killing them?
Dexter             : Exactly! I’ve kill them! And this time is your turn!
Jacqueline       : Why? Why? Tell me!
Dexter             : Are you forget about me? I want you guys, feels what i feel long time ago!
Jacqueline       : No, please! I’m sorry!
Dexter             : Time to sleep, Jacqueline.
When he wanted to click that button, he got a shooting from someone.
Dexter             : Arghh! (He’s try to runaway!)
Shaf                 : Are you okay, Jac?
Max                 : Sam, Leonardo! Catch him!
Sam&Leonardo          : Yes, Sir!
When Sam and Leonardo try to find Dexter. Suddenly Dexter appear in his back. And they do duel. Betwen Dexter and Police.
After a few minutes, Dexter failed to wins this duel. He’s activate a bomb in his body.
Leonardo        : Sam, run! There is a bomb! We have to leave this place!
Sam                 : Okay. ( Run ) Cap, there is a bomb, we have to leave this place!
When they are successful to run away from that place. A bomb is burst and Dexter is die in that place.
Next day, Jacqueline admit her fault and she’s enter to the jail.
Shaf                 : Are you ready for your punishment?
Jacqueline       : Yes, Miss.
Shaf                 : Let’s go!
After a week from that accident, her life more better than before. Peace in everywhere. She’s got what she has to got.
Friends, from this story we know that bullying is not right. Bullying is bad thing. And because of bullying there is too much bad effect. And if we do some mistake, just admit it! Try to be honest from today, because just to be honest is the answer from anything.

The End.

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